Field Report: Use Your Lows In Game To Boost Your Growth


I was having a rough couple of weeks before this which kind of put me down in the dumps, but despite that I still went out and got through the bullshit and surprisingly things seem to be turning around.

The good thing about low points I realized is that while I wasn't getting much results from my approaches, it forced me to sit down and break down my game to the micro-level and analyze each piece in the machine. It's like when your watch gets cranky after extended use and the watchmaker takes every piece, polishes it, and then puts it back together again. So this is what I've been doing...

And I've been writing everything down.

I'm even considering writing a book on the intricacies of game. There aren't many books or products out there (I can name only a couple) that break game down in such detail. One of the guys in game who really does this well is Nick Krauser. I've adopted and adapted many of his ideas into my game, while trying to make it entirely my own--first by imitating, then by innovating. It's not perfect, but yesterday was really an eye opener for me.

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A Brief History Of Game; See Through The Marketing Bullshit


I mentioned in an earlier post that I noticed a trend going on. Guys who spend a few months or even years in the game like to brag about how they are "not pickup artists" and how they "don't use routines". It's this sort of self-indulgent-better-than-thou kind of mindsets that I hate. I see it in the Red Pill community. I hear it from guys who "used to do game" but now are just working on "being themselves". I hear it from guys who even are still picking girls up but try to repackage it as something new...even when it's not.

It's all ego-boosting bullshit, really. Let me explain.

But first, a history lesson.

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Newbie Traps: The Problem With Direct Openers, Part II


So my last article generated a lot of discussion on Reddit.

Some people agreed, some people disagreed. But many people asked me for examples of what I meant by plausibly deniable openers. I initially refrained from putting specific lines on the previous post because I didn't want it to become a "magic line" which people took and used whole sale. I tried to describe as much as I could how to craft a PDO by giving the characteristics of a good opener. However it seems that the question still remains...

What does it look like?

I get it. So here I will give an of example and explain what makes a good opener and what it isn't.

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Newbie Traps: The Problem With Direct Openers

Poker chips, large sum concept

Having talked to a couple of new guys in the community and being reminded of the time when I first stepped foot into game, I recognize a lot of the similar potholes in the road to mastering the art of game. The theories being taught have evolved over time, and in a good direction as well. However what puts me off is how guys like to talk down on older theories (i.e., Mystery Method) and how they don't work at all as if female psychology has somehow changed over the last decade or so.

I hear this almost invariably, "I don't believe in PUAs or routine-based game. It's all about being yourself and being natural when approaching the girl." And the guy saying this always does so with a smug, better-than-everything sort of tone. They think they found the new cutting edge in game and are the only ones in on it. Guess what? Natural game has been around for a long time. And almost every one that I've met in the past three years of game all tell me the same thing.

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The Hardest Part Of The Journey To Winning


"Which part of the journey to your first million dollars was the hardest for you?"

Not too long ago, I was having a chat with my longtime friend and mentor, Sid, about his journey to success. I wouldn't say I'm at a low point in my life, but after weeks of non-stop expansion, I find myself losing the drive to push on. The road to success is long and arduous and I need some sense knocked into me and someone who is there to manage my expectations.

Earlier on, he told me a story about one of the lowest times in his journey that was kind of a wake up call for me. One day he was walking alone around town, feeling melancholic, and he saw a guy come out of a super car. He approached the guy and asked him this one question: "Was it worth it?" In his mind, he needed someone to tell him that it was worth it. That he was chasing a worthwhile cause.

Many times I find myself asking the same question, "Is all of this worth it?" Our lives are but a flicker, here one moment and gone the next. We are on but a tiny rock circling the tiniest of stars. What great purpose can we accomplish. Is any of it worth it? Hearing his story gave me a flicker of hope. He did not divulge what the guy told him or how the conversation continued. He said it was a secret that only he would know.

And that was when I asked him the question at the opening of this article.

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3 Hacks To Help You Succeed

Joined in business

[Announcement: The Social Lifestyle has shifted! The old domain is still functional but will be phased out very gradually. It's the first of a series of changes coming to TSL. Even though it's now "daygamesingapore", the content is by no means specific to Singapore's community--though my experiences are generally based on interactions with Singaporean girls.

If you've shouted TSL to your friends, do let them know about the URL change because they may not see new updates such as this post on the old url. Now that's out of the way, on to what you're here to read.]

I've been in the game for almost three years--and while it may seem like a long time, I'm pretty sure I have a long way to go. Back when I first started there were a lot of information already available on how to pick up women, but there were close to no information teaching "natural" game. This was good because it forced me to learn how to function without routines while everyone was using them, but my learning curve was incredibly slow.

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The Art Of Bragging


If it's one thing that turns a woman off the most it's an arrogant guy. Arrogance almost always stems from some sort of insecurity that requires compensation. I was having a conversation with Scar about the ego and his opinion is that having an ego is unavoidable--that one can even say that the most selfless people are the most egoistic. I don't necessarily agree with him but I do see his point. The conversation branched out into a philosophical dialogue that detracts heavily from the topic.

But it got me thinking, when does confidence cross over into arrogance. I've always said that it's not what you do but how you do it. Two people with the same accomplishments can use the same story to increase their sexual market value (SMV) but one can seem arrogant--while the other, confident. When a student tells me that he used a "display of higher value" (DHV) to spike attraction, I will invariably be skeptical of its effectiveness. DHVs can strengthen or destroy your game, often times very drastically. One wrong move and you might as well have literally shot yourself in the foot.

Thus, I feel it is important to share how to brag properly without coming across as tryhard.

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I Approached Over 200 People This Weekend. Guess What I Learned About Them?


Ha, clickbait titles crack me up.

But seriously, my job required me to approach a lot of strangers on the streets--young, old, couples, families, and two-sets.

And I thought daygame was hard!

I had to start in the morning and push through the next twelve hours trying to get people to talk to me. The number of rejections were brutal. But still, in the end, I managed to take out a lesson from it that is very similar to daygame. Of course, I reinforced the usual mindsets like not letting rejection get to me, pushing through approach anxiety, self-amusement--basically everything I've covered in previous articles.

So, here are the four new things I learned:

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The Difference Between Comfort And Rapport


It's quite common that you'll see the terms "comfort" and "rapport" being used interchangeably within discussions. I, too, used to think that they were both the same which made me assume that in order to create comfort, all I had to do was to build enough rapport. However, I noticed that with some girls I felt a connection with, there was no comfort--and vice versa. This got me thinking: are they really the same thing?

I will explain the differences. But first, let's define them (from

Rapport (n): relation; connection, especially harmonious or sympathetic relation.

Comfort (n): a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants, with freedom from pain and anxiety.

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Field Report: Finding Joy In Small Successes


Recently, a reader (Xen) emailed me wanting some daygame coaching in-field. I had MC (fellow coach) take him out to the streets and do some approaches. I joined them halfway just to see how the session went and I must say it went pretty well. I've had a few people contact me asking for help but almost none of them were willing to put in the effort to take the first step to put themselves out there.

It reminded me a lot of when I first started going out and doing approaches. The first girl I opened, I was excited. Then when I managed to stop her and talk to her for five minutes, I was excited. I was also excited at the first number I got. It is by hitting all these milestones for the first time that guys realize that "Holy shit, this works! I can actually just go up to anyone I find attractive and talk to her."

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