4 Things To Do To Become An Approach Machine

You’re walking on the street, looking your best, feeling confident, smelling good with the Burberry perfume you sprayed all over, you are smiling like Barney the dinosaur and then you see her.


You see her walking by, she’s looking so good in that outfit and she’s definitely your type, physically. She looks like she is playful, adventurous and someone you want to take out to that new café you read about.

Your palms are sweating, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on your sweater already. Yup, I just quoted Eminem in lose yourself.

Anyway, you see her and you’re too afraid to talk to her. BAMMM! She’s gone, and you will probably never see her again, and if you do, let’s just hope that you have the balls to go up and talk to her next time.

I am glad in my life that I will never have the problem of NOT talking to a girl who caught my eye and interests me. I feel like I have an abundance of women and I don’t need to worry too much about my dating life as I meet new women and have dates set up almost every week. It is long and hard, not my dick Idiot! The journey to being a better man who can attract quality women.

It is long and hard, I am not talking about my dick Idiot! I am talking about the journey to being a better man who can attract quality women.

Getting started is the hard part and these are the 4 things I suggest you do to help you get started on meeting women.


1. Find a friend to do it with you

In this day and age, you have PUA/RSD forums and Facebook groups. You could easily find someone who wants to go out, meet and attract women but is too damn afraid, just like you.

I vastly improved and was motivated to go out every week because of two friends I met online, who are as committed as I am to meet new women and improve. We are now best friends and still consult each other on things to improve on. (Even the very best guys always have something to learn) They can help you analyze what you did right and wrong in your interaction, with experience.


2. Play GO!

So you found yourself, 2 buddies who want to do this with you, you walk around Bugis, many girls walk past but none of you approached. At the end of the day, you guys just sit down with your dick in your hand and no approaches.

It happens if everyone is scared to approach and you are relying on one another to approach.

So here is how you play GO! Your friend points at a girl, and no matter how she looks, what she is doing, you will have to GO! And approach her. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. In the past, my friends and I did push ups if you didn’t go. You take turns with your friends and one person chooses for another, it doesn’t matter if the woman your friend picks doesn’t interest you or have the amazon forest on her armpits, YOU HAVE TO GO! The objective of this game is to force yourself to approach.

3.Use the three-second rule

This is the rule that has helped me at my most anxious time. Playing GO! Can be very scary and that’s where the 3-second rule comes in.

The three-second rule is simply counting down 3-2-1 and doing whatever you have to do WITHOUT THINKING. Your leg starts walking towards the girl.The 3-second rule have always been used when people have to do something crazy.

When you go sky- diving, the person will say 3-2-1 and YOU FUCKING HAVE TO JUMP! Whenever you need to do something you’re afraid of, just use the 3-second rule.

Whenever you’re anxious just tell yourself, just countdown 3-2-1 and just start walking and do what you have to do!

4. Get a mentor
Getting a mentor will accelerate your learning curve and save you LOADS OF TIME! A mentor has been there, done that, he knows what you’re going through and he knows how you can fix it. Take advantage of his experience! Spending money on a boot camp can save you a lot of time, A LOT OF FUCKING PAIN and give you loads of OPPORTUNITIES! It sucks to lose women for silly mistakes which can be easily fixed if you just had a mentor. You need to learn from someone better than you. You can’t learn how to drive or do martial arts just through YouTube videos and e-books, you need someone who is there who can tell you what you did wrong. Someone who can see your blind spots.

You can always contact us if you’re in need of a boot camp and we will be at your service!

Starting to learn a new skill is extremely difficult, if you really want to improve BADLY, you have to start NOW! Trust me and do these 4 things. It will give you the momentum TO TAKE MASSIVE FUCKING ACTION! Thank me later. Chowzzz




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