A Brief History Of Game; See Through The Marketing Bullshit

I mentioned in an earlier post that I noticed a trend going on. Guys who spend a few months or even years in the game like to brag about how they are “not pickup artists” and how they “don’t use routines”. It’s this sort of self-indulgent-better-than-thou kind of mindsets that I hate. I see it in the Red Pill community. I hear it from guys who “used to do game” but now are just working on “being themselves”. I hear it from guys who even are still picking girls up but try to repackage it as something new…even when it’s not.

It’s all ego-boosting bullshit, really. Let me explain.

But first, a history lesson.

History of the PUA Community

The community by itself was formed loosely because guys who were doing horrible with women wanted to know how they could get better. These were guys that had absolutely no idea how to get a girl sexually attracted to them. They were fed lies that you needed good looks or money to get women. I started out the exact same way. I had two failed relationships and I was just a mess when it came to the dating game. The community is essentially formed on the basis of anti-selection–meaning the people who need it most will be the most likely to seek it out.

That doesn’t mean everyone is a weirdo. But naturally, there will be a fair share of creepy guys and a handful of more experienced guys who shared what they knew about getting women. It was basically a men banding together on an online forum asking questions, sharing stories, and sifting out the fundamental aspects of attraction. There were guys who did NLP, guys who watched other players and recounted their observations, and even guys who denounced pickup lines and shared their experiences of how they got girls without pick-up lines.

But as more people found out about it, things evolved. Enter: Mystery.

Mystery was one of the pioneers of game. Really, the guy was a genius. He was the first guy (if I’m not mistaken) who actually walked the walk. He organized meetups and did actual approaches to refine his system. And when he found that many people were interested, he monetized it (aka bootcamps). Back then, due to the limited knowledge and relative nascence of the community, information was limited. Mystery was practically an empirical scientist of sorts. He had theories which he brought into the field to test. He used what worked and discarded what didn’t. And from hanging out and teaching the other guys, he figured out that the best way to get someone who was not internally motivated like he was to actually do an approach, he had to give them lines so they didn’t blank out on the approach.

He crafted the best lines he thought would work and sent his students out into the field. Neil Strauss’ The Game chronicles this in more detail.

Naturally as more people joined the community, more stories started to be shared (read: field reports). And the more information there was and perspectives, game evolved. The guys who started out using routines realized that it was not the end of game. There had to be more. This cumulated at the end of The Game and it sparked off what would be known as natural game.

Note that this was all in the early 2000s. Meaning we are already a decade and a half into the whole thing. Now back to the lesson.

Along comes RSD who stole took Mystery’s idea of teaching bootcamps and made it global. Tyler Durden (Owen Cook) realized that the routine-based model would not work and so he decided to take the company in another direction. He forced all his instructors to drop all routine-based approaches and “go natural”. He talks about this in one of his videos (can’t remember which) where basically they took a couple of weeks off and went cold turkey from routines. It was difficult but they realized how lacking they were and so they went HAM on the whole natural game thing, which is RSD’s entire philosophy for a long time now.

What’s The Point?

The point is: you’re not fucking special if you don’t use routines.

Nine out of ten guys I know don’t use pre-scripted routines like “Who lies more, men or women?” anymore. Almost everyone is using natural game now. What’s worse is all these game denialists that I see saying “scripted approaches suck pick up doesn’t work!” And they make fun of all pick up artists, grouping the newbies with the more advanced guys. Which is why those who stay in the community long enough tend to either coach or just move away from it altogether. Because of this negative stigma towards the term “pick up artist”.

Look, natural game has been around for almost a decade already. Stop telling people that everyone else uses routines but you’re special.

A rose by any other name.

Another thing I see is how so many dating companies are popping out and use this as their actual selling point. Like, “Everyone else is using routines! But we don’t! We teach you to go up and say hi!” Really? You expect me to pay over a thousand dollars to learn how to walk up to a girl and say hi? The problem is most newbies can’t see through the smokes and mirrors bullshit. They see a guy walk up and talk to a girl and they think like “OMG that’s mind blowing”. I understand how it may seem amazing at first, but really with enough practice, anyone can do it.

Now I’m not saying I am a lot better. I’ve definitely worked out most of my newbie problems but I’m still learning. Which is why I don’t coach or sell any products on my blog (as some people have pointed out). I am a daygame scientist (if you will). I am currently trying to refine my system and hopefully be able to teach guys in the near future how to effectively and systematically meet a girl on the streets, take her out on a date, and go for the close.

To be honest, what we are working on is not new. We are merely building on what is before us. We understand natural game is in fashion right now, but there is a method to the madness which most guys don’t get. Natural game is far more nuanced than just approaching and winging it. Seduction has a process, and we will break down that process into as much detail as possible. What that means is that we will fail over, and over, and over, and over again…until we succeed over, and over again.

In the past few months I’ve failed more than I ever had. Got more flakes than I ever had. Why? Because when you first try something out you aren’t as good at it yet. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. You just have to keep going until you’ve internalized it, and if then it still doesn’t work, discard it.

The Next Stage

The evolution of game is not over yet. Just like the formation of mixed martial arts, which started off as just a meeting of various styles of martial arts, and has evolved into a unique style of its own, game has followed the same path. Everything I say has already been said. I just say it better (most of the time). To me, the Red Pill philosophy is the beginning of the next stage in the evolution process. But as with all communities, there are extremists–it is important to weed out the bullshit and negativity.

I hope by reading this you’d better appreciate and respect the art if you’re new here, and not jump on the bandwagon of PUA-dissing that so many guys have fallen to. You are not above the process. Everyone has to go through the same path. I did. Almost everyone who is legit also went through the same process. Don’t look for the magic pill. Don’t jump the gun and move ahead too quickly. Be patient. Take your time.

And most importantly, don’t build idols from men (or women). Everyone is cut from the same cloth.

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