The Social Lifestyle began in 2012 as one man’s idea. As someone who struggled with attracting and dating beautiful women all his life, J Machiavelli sought to do something about it. To dissect and embody what effortlessly attractive men were doing that made them, well, attractive.

What started merely as a place for him to share his journey and lessons has grown and evolved into a community where men seek to better themselves. A place where boys come to be destroyed and reborn as men.

In the last 6 years, J has helped many men both online and in person to achieve personal and social growth in their lives. And continues to do so even today.

Together with his team of superstar coaches and writers, The Social Lifestyle aims to be a platform to change the world, by helping men grab the reins of life in a society that constantly seeks to diminish and lessen their place.

And we do that by tackling the most fundamental and primal aspect of being human—sex and relationships.

Don’t get us wrong, though. The Social Lifestyle is more than pick up. It is more than dating. It is more than just relationships.

The Social Lifestyle is about personal transformation, to help yourself so that you can help the people around you.

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Jet will definitely push you beyond your skill set.  To start with, he can give you a comprehensive framework over which to model your approaches.  He also has good advice when following up the approach.

As evident from his blog, he has quite a bit of experience and knowledge in meeting and dating women, which makes it easy for him to pin-point your mistakes.  The two big things I got from working with Jet was (1) instantaneous feedback in my approaches—which dramatically dropped the learning curve—and (2) being pushed to approach.

I would strongly recommend you do some research and make at least a handful of approaches before working with Jet, so that could spend more time in field with him.

Hussain (US)

Before the bootcamp, I felt very apprehensive on my approaches and was always worried about what I was going to say. After doing some social-conditioning exercises which got me in “state” and doing approach after approach (rejections after rejections), most of my fears about that disappeared.

I now feel approaches are fun and not dreadful and I still feel that way post bootcamp.

However, I know myself enough to know I still need to keep up with approaching and keep on practicing so that I can keep progressing and getting better. My life has changed in  regards to how I view women and my perception has changed a lot from Jet’s theory day where he will unmask your weakness.

It feels awesome knowing that I have the ability to do cold pick up on any girl i want whenever i see a girl that makes me feel “hey, she’s hot. I want to get to know that girl.” That’s become my reality and it’s exciting!

Xavier (SG)

I was initially skeptical at the cost of the bootcamp, Little did I know that the bootcamp would be worth every penny.

Fyrus is a great instructor who tailors his content to best suit the student. He was an understanding and patient mentor who guided me through my first ever instant double date. Watching him game was a pleasure and learning from him was a privilege. Fyrus is a natural at making connections with people, a useful skill I learnt about. His ‘zero-fucks given’ attitude is one of the best things I like about him.

Zak, the other instructor, also brought much value to the bootcamp, giving live infield examples which Fyrus and I heard via his microphone. It’s remarkable, watching a man small in stature but large in personality, achieve so much success in the game. Truly inspiring. Zak is all about the ‘structure’ of game, always ensuring things go in sequence, the way he wants them to, a powerful asset when picking up women.

The best part I liked about the bootcamp was that they recorded and heard my sets via microphone. The feedback they gave was detailed and valuable. The instructors were humble despite their great skill. At the end of the day, I found that I had learned much more than I had expected. This bootcamp exceeded my expectations and I am glad to have gone for it.

Ray (SG)

It definitely felt great to get a few numbers, and now I’m excited because I feel there’s so much to learn and improve.

One of the main thing was to getting better at conversing and not blanking out so much. MC also pointed out to me that cold reading is something that I constantly need to work on which will improve as one get more practice. This would also in the long run make you better at being genuine and getting others to open up.

Before ending the session MC reminded me that practice is really important, and it reminded me of a instructor saying something along this line to his student “I could teach you every move I know and make you the best in the world, but first you have to want it.”

What does he mean? You have to want it and also put in the time and effort. One step at a time!


So I went daygaming with Jet today for around 5 hours. It was my first time out approaching. It definitely wasn’t as easy as it seems.

You REALLY have to go just go out there and see what sticks. It’s like you’ve been put in a totally dark room and you have to personally ‘feel the walls’. I can give you a map of the room and you can picture it in your mind, but you have to personally step inside and see what it’s like for yourself.

With Jet, you get to see someone with experience in front of your eyes. He’s proof that it’s more important to watch the vibe you give off than just the catchy phrases and pick up lines you see people use in clubs and such. And this is a good way to see for yourself what kind of vibe or energy level is expected of you when you approach.

Think about it this way. How hard would it be if you have never had a teacher to guide you in school? And if you only had a textbook to learn and take an exam?

Jet pointed out my mistakes quickly and shortened my learning curve by YEARS.

Moreover this is, I feel, a life skill, which you can’t just use memory work and expect to excel in it. In the end, you’re gonna need someone to help you one way or the other, try it out for yourselves, and find people who love doing this and doing it together with them.

Overall, it was a good experience and I am able to gauge myself against Jet and set a goal of what I want to achieve within the next time frame. Don’t be afraid to hook him up if you’re interested.

Al (SG)