Can I Learn How To Attract Girls?

The Stud Effect

I’m currently reading The Winner Effect by Ian Robertson and in one of the chapters, he talks about people’s childhood perspectives and how it affects later life success and achievement. There are many corollaries between intelligence and attractiveness and success in learning how to attract girls.

I will adapt a list of questions from the book to apply it to pick up and dating. Do complete it first then read on to the end to get an explanation of what that means.

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Can You Really Learn How To Attract Girls?

A study conducted by Diener and Dweck, showed that despite ‘mastery-oriented’ and ‘helpless’ children being of similar intelligence and doing equally well during the experiment–what set them apart was their response to failure. “Helpless” children often attributed failure to them not being smart enough, whereas “mastery-oriented” children were more likely to say that their failure was due to them not trying hard enough, bad luck, the test being harder than the practice, or that the test was rigged.

Mastery-oriented children were also more likely to say things like “the harder it gets, the harder I need to try.” Or display high self-monitoring behavior (e.g., “I’m not concentrating.”). Helpless children were more likely to give up.

The question is, do these categorizations mean anything and can you do anything about it? Answer the following questions.

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In a follow-up study, Blackwell and Dweck found that irrespective of level of intelligence in children, their perspective (implicit theories) of what intelligence is–whether it can be changed or not–affected their achievement.

That means that if you do not believe that attractiveness is fluid and can be worked on or improved, you will likely remain the same. Even if you are doing fairly well, if you don’t believe you can do better, you won’t. Of course, if you are dating amazing women left and right then you might think that you don’t need to improve.

But let me warn you that lack of growth or improvement will lead to atrophy and jadedness with life. Without constant achievement, you will not be satisfied and even dating amazing women left and right will become a chore and bring less satisfaction.

Ultimately, learning how to attract girls is only limited by how you view yourself, your attractiveness, and whether you’re willing to work on it and let someone help you by cutting your learning curve drastically.

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