How To Create A Tinder Profile To Get Quality Girls

That’s right, bitches. I’m back. The motherfucking J Machiavelli. And I’m gonna share how to create a Tinder profile to get quality girls.

Where have I gone? That’s not important. It’s a story for another time. But let me assure you I haven’t been gone from game and pick up. Still sharpening my sword, if you know what I’m saying.

Alright, but you’re not here to catch up with me. Chances are, you’re a newbie to the site. Given that I haven’t written for a long, looong time. My readers have probably upped and gone.

No matter, I’m gonna do this again.

I’m Gonna Teach You How To Create A Tinder Profile That Makes Girls Go DAMN!

And just in case you suckers think I’m full of BS, check out my matches below. FOUR-HUNDRED-AND-NINETY-FUCKING-FIVE matches. In about 8 months. That’s about 2 matches a day. See for yourself.

Of course, I didn’t talk to all of them. I didn’t even talk to half of them. Only 150 passed my test. And of that 150, I went out on dates with 27 of them, and banged 3.

Talk about stats. Maybe that’s impressive, maybe it isn’t. I don’t care. I decidedly dropped Tinder recently and used Coffee Meets Bagel instead. Matching 70 (and talking to all of them. Getting 16 on dates. And banging none… yet. I’m meeting one tomorrow, and it’ll be show time baby.)

STILL, not the point.

The reason why I’m laying all my stats out is to let you know, it doesn’t matter. The real motherfuckers out there know what I’m talking about.

Whether I bang 1 girl, 3 girls, or 50 girls isn’t going to make me more or less of a man. And I couldn’t care less what you think of my “numbers”. Grow up already.

You’re reading this because you want to know how to create a Tinder profile to get girls out on dates, and so I’m gonna lay some fundamental KNAWLEDGE on your ass.

Now, here’s why your Tinder profile isn’t working

I’m going to put it to you simply. You’re making it all about yourself.

Look, I get it. It’s a dating app. If girls are looking at your profile it means they want to know more about you right?


Take a look at the world around you and name me one person who is not a self-absorbed entitled person. It’s normal. It’s psychological. And knowing that, you have to use that to your advantage.

Now, as guys we tend to use Tinder a little differently. Just a little (more on that, later). When we swipe, and assuming you’re not someone who just swipes without looking…

(I did that for a bit, by the way, and it resulted in months of less than attractive matches. The algorithm is smart like that. Anyway, as I was saying…)

When we swipe, we look at the pictures first. Just a glance. We take in less than 3 seconds of information before making a decision. Maybe 2, even.

So here’s the thing, what’s special or eye-catching about your profile that will stop a girl in her tracks and make her “click to see more™”?

There’s no single answer to that

The right question is, What kind of girl are you going for?

Assuming you have been on a few dates before with girls that you’re interested in, you kinda know your “type”. And if you’ve spoken to them at length, you’ll know what they like.

If you don’t, get out more, meet more girls, and talk to them more. By talk to them, I mean LISTEN. Dive deep. Ask questions. Invade their psyche like a parasitic worm tunneling deep into your intestines and breeding there. Ok, not really but you get the hint.

You need to know how they think. And once you do that, you’ll have an inkling of what will make them stop.

Now, if you’re thinking “That means I have to change for girls? Fuck that!” The short answer is yes.

The long answer is, you’re probably kinda sorta the archetype of guy that girls you like like (read it again if you didn’t get it). What I’m saying is, I like artistic girls. I’m also a pretty artistic dude myself. So all I have to do is show that side of me, and boom. MATCH!

Of course, that means I’ll mostly attract the artsy girls OR the girls who like artsy guys but who may not be artsy themselves. No matter. They’re still people.

But you get the point.

Most guys don’t know what the girls they like like, let alone know how to be the kind of guy they like

And that’s why they get stuck in that phase where girls they like don’t like them. And girls they don’t like, like them. I’ve been there. Perhaps you’ve been there. It’s a weird place, not a bad thing.

But you’re not here to learn how to get those girls. You’re here to learn how to get the girls you like, to like you.

And step number 1 is to portray yourself as the kind of guy they like. Take a piece of paper and write down 5 traits you think they like, don’t be opinionated. Ask if you have to. You’ll need it for step 2.

Got it? On to step 2.

Show, don’t tell

If you are a writer, you’ve probably heard this before. But what does it mean?

It means everything about your profile is an indirect subtle point towards something about you.

You’ve probably read those profiles where it’s, “I like this. I am this. I don’t like that.” The fuck do you think you are. Like I said before, people don’t give a fuck about you or what you like and dislike. Women give a fuck about whether you’ll be someone they’ll want to hang around with.

That means your social status, how you look, how you dress, what kind of friends and hobbies you have. And once again, different girls like different things. Some like the hobo look, some like suits. Some like shirtless gym selfies.

Jk, no one likes shirtless gym selfies. But that’s besides the point…

The point is, every picture you put shows something about you. And everything you show will make her go, YES. Or, fuck that.

Makes sense?

So, now that you have your 5 traits…

If you don’t, then fuck you. Clearly you’re not committed to getting better at this and you should just stop reading this. Close this window. Go back to your life.

But for the few of you who have written down the 5 traits, think about what visual symbolism would associate with that.

It requires a bit of brainwork. I know. Boo hoo. Players THINK. Instinctively or not, it’s still thinking.

Now what do I mean by visual symbolism?

Want to target high society women? Put photos of yourself in power poses, positions, and clothing. That means fitted suits, ballrooms, and yachts.

But for goodness sakes, don’t be cliche or cheesy. Take a good photo. Even if it’s a camera photo. Ask your friend or get someone who is good at photography to take proper photos of you.

The subject, lighting, color grading, environment, composition must all be spot on. I’m not saying pay a professional. But fuck grainy photos or candid photos with unflattering facial expressions.

And fuck selfies. All kinds. Seriously. Fuck that.

It’s pretty simple. The deeper you go into the symbolism, and with impeccable photo taking skills. The better your results. Trust me.

If you’re stumped, then look at photoblogs, surf Instagram or something for inspiration. I’m not your art teacher.

That’s step 2. Now, step 3 is the obvious part.

The actual question is how to get dates with this women

And the answer to that is: Just ask.

Of course, don’t ask right on the FIRST text. In fact, if you’ve been reading and paying attention, you’d remember:

Don’t ever be direct. And if you are direct, never ask for permission.

That’s the golden rule.

Now, I have 2 favorite conversation starter templates. I won’t share them here because I want to make you work for it. Ha.

I’ll share how they work, though.

The main idea is to pick something off their profile and start a conversation. Fairly basic. Pretty simple.

But that’s not just it. A lot of people do it. But it’s boring as fuck.

The secret sauce is in the subtle message you implant into the “situational opener”. And it’s something I’ll share with you next time IF I get good responses for this article.

(Email me. jdreuel at sigmalife dot com dot sg. I’ll give you the secret sauce if I’m in a good mood.)

Anyway, one of my favorite starter templates worked for me like a charm. In fact, at one point I was getting 4 to 5 matches a day and spamming everyone with the same template. And lo’! 2 dates every weekend for 3 months straight.

I’m not kidding. And you can do that too. I’ll show you how…

If you join The Social Gym.

Just kidding. You probably won’t make it in.

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