Learn How To Date A Girl Of Your Dreams

Believe me…

When I tell you learning how to date a girl of your dreams is really easy. If you’ve read the other posts, you’d probably think that dating and pick up is something that is complicated or incredibly theoretical. I’d like to quell all your negative beliefs by telling you what it really takes to be an attractive man.

It’s not in the lines or words you say, or even your body language. And it’s definitely not simply being good looking or rich that attracts girls. There are really only 3 things you have to know if you want to kill it in your dating life. And it’s something that very few dating coaches out there know…or they simply won’t tell you.

Enough of the BS

You’re here to find out how to date a girl of your dreams. So let me lay it out for you with these 11 guidelines.

How To Date A Girl Of Your Dreams: 11 Tips

1. Clean Up

Shave, shower, and maintain good general hygiene. Trim your nose hair. Smell good. Look fresh. Buy new clothes. You don’t have to spend a lot to keep up with the latest fashion, but just look good enough. H&M and Uniqlo’s clothes are cheap and look good. $10 a t-shirt? Easy.

2. Work Out

You don’t have to look like The Rock to learn how to date a girl. In fact, many of the girls I’ve dated have told me that they don’t like guys who are too muscle-bound. Just don’t look like a slob. Working out helps you maintain good posture and keeps you lean. Your brain also releases positive chemicals to make you feel good. And it’s a good habit. Just do basic calisthenics.

3. Read Widely

You just have to be in the know of current affairs. Be slightly more knowledgeable than the average guy, but not too intellectual that she gets put off because she can’t keep up. Read widely, blogs if not books. Know how to convey ideas coherently. And if you can swing between being a belligerent “dumb” brute and drop random knowledge bombs on her, you’re going to stand out.

4. Tease and Compliment

Regular guys suck with women because they either pander to the girl’s every whim too readily, or they tease with no awareness and don’t pull back. Push-pull is important when talking to a girl. Be playful about it and don’t overdo it. Remember the rule of three, tease, she reacts, hold your tease and push a bit more, she reacts, then pull her in with a compliment. When she’s attracted, tease. When she’s insecure, compliment. That’s the basic rule.

5. Good Nonverbals

Watch your body language, take up space, and speak in a calm, deep, and soothing tone. Maintain good eye contact, relaxed, but not glaring or staring at her. These three things are enough.

6. Verbal Expressiveness

Everything you say has to trigger an emotion. “That’s nice.” “I’d love to see that.” “I like that about you.” “You’re being a naughty girl right now. Smirk cheekily when delivering strong sexual compliments to balance the pressure.

7. Physical Contact

Don’t be afraid to touch the girl. But don’t be too touchy. Watch her reaction when you touch her. Be aware of whether she tenses up or if she’s ok with your touch. Her upper arm, fingers, hair, thigh, and lower back, are safe touches for public spaces. You don’t have to hold her. Light squeezes to emphasize a point is good enough to test for comfort.

8. Don’t Be An Open Book

Answer questions playfully and keep in mind the rule of three as well (dodge, dodge, comply). You can say you are an open book, but don’t reveal more than she has to know. When answering questions directly, don’t overexplain. Underexplain and let her fill in information gaps with her imagination. Once she feels you are hiding something from her, she will be wary and lose trudt.

9. Don’t Be Her Emotional Punching Bag

Be a source of positive energy. Especially on the first date, don’t encourage complaining or whining. Keep things light, and if they do get deeper and she expresses vulnerability, let her talk. Only redirect the conversation if it goes into negative territory. How to do that? Acknowledge, then switch. (“I understand.” “I see. I guess that’s just life. You live and you learn…and you meet awesome people like me.” *playful boyish smirk*)

10. Bring Her Into Your World

You have to show her that your reality is way more fun and positive than hers. Your activities. Your life. Your friends. If she doesn’t feel she wants to be around you, she won’t be attracted. To do that you need to build a positive life. You need to be around positive people. You need to do positive activities.

11. Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

Not everyone is going to like you. You’re not going to like everyone. She might be the hottest girl you know, but if she smells neediness from you, it’s done. If she crosses boundaries or disrespects you, don’t be afraid to walk away. Of course, don’t be a douche and cut her off on the first offense. Express yourself. Expect mutual respect. Don’t bend over backwards and break your back to please her. Expect her to be good company. That’s how to date a girl

These 11 tips are all you need to know how to date the girl of your dreams. Building healthy relationships and having good communication is key to being happy. Give positive energy and allow her to let her guard down and give you positive energy as well. Keep these 11 tips in the back of your mind the next time you’re with a girl you really like.

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