Look, I know. You’re reading this because you’re sick of getting rejected by women whenever you approach them.

You keep going out every single day of the week and approach every single woman you lay your eyes on, but somehow you can’t seem to get them to be interested in you.

And so eventually you denounce the pick up community and start shitting on everyone who gets laid using PUA SECRET TECHNIQUEZ.

Let me tell you, if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in “using pick up techniques to trick women” or “trying to get laid”…

You’re not the first. You’re not special. People have been saying that since fucking 2012. The whole reason why I got into game was because I was sold the idea of “non-PUA techniques blah blah blah”

How do I know? Because I was there. I was even one of them. Sitting on my “better than thou” moral high horse, judging those PUAs.

I totally get it. And I still do. It’s a necessary part of growth to distance yourself from the thing that brought you up. I think the concept in psychology is called “Killing the father”. And everyone goes through it.

But not everyone emerges out the from the bowels of this phenomenon a better man.

I know what you’re thinking, “When will this fucking dude get to the point? Teach me how to be rejection-proof.”

I’m getting there.

See, there are 2 things that separate men who are good with women from men who get good with women. If you’re like me, you’re part of the second group.

We weren’t born with particular genetic bone structure advantages (i.e., good looks). We weren’t born with money.

To women in the dating scene, we’re the average guys. Some like us, most don’t. And so we have to get better skillz to increase our chances.

That’s what almost every guy is trying to do. Whether being a nice guy and doing nice things, or being a complete asshole. We’re all trying to become the guy we think women want.

Sometimes we meet women who like us. Other times we don’t.

And that’s really the core of my message of how to be rejection proof.

It’s the realization that not everyone in the world is going to like you now.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Once you let go of the need to constantly get validation of your self-worth from others, your life will change. Literally.

You will develop a kind of awareness and empathy for other people that you never did before. And that’s one of the things that will help reduce the amount of rejections you get.

How? Well, when you stop taking rejection as a personal attack on yourself, and start seeing it as the other person expressing their inner thoughts…

You’ll start to become genuinely more interested in them, rather than just being self-interested. That means you start to care more. And it’s very obvious.

But, wait… I hear your protests. “Shouldn’t you NOT care about them? Shouldn’t you invest less than her?”

To that I said, to each his own. There is a fine balance of push and pull you must maintain. That’s mostly to do with self-awareness. You can’t be an aloof brute 100% of the time. Neither should you be 100% invested in what she has to say all the time.

Bottom line: If she rejects you. It’s not you she’s likely rejecting. There may be thousands of other reasons why she doesn’t want to talk to you at that moment.

Maybe she’s unavailable. Maybe you’re not her type. Maybe she’s busy or occupied.

None of that should make you feel less about yourself or her. You shouldn’t react bitterly or affected by it.

After all, just like you want to have choice in the women you date, you should respect that women have choice as well.

When you talk to people without the expectation that they should uphold your self-worth, or let them have any effect on your self-worth at all…

That’s when rejection doesn’t faze you.

And that, young Padawan, is how you become rejection-proof.

Now, it’s all easy to say and write about. But not an easy mindset to develop.

It took me years of going out and approaching thousands of women and getting “rejected” by nearly 90% of them that I finally was able to separate my self-worth from their reactions.

And that’s why, I understand that it takes time. But it’s not something you should run from. That doesn’t mean approach less. You still have to put yourself out there and go through the process…

Only then will you come out stronger. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to revamp The Social Gym.

We won’t be conducting anymore weekend programs where we take guys out to the street to get them to approach. There’s a reason why.

Instead, The Social Gym is going to be bigger and better in 2018. If you want to find out more, apply here.

But only if you’re serious. Because I’m going to be direct with you, this isn’t for everyone. 90% of the applicants don’t make it through the first time. So…

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