The Newbie’s Guide to Shit Tests

Shit Tests? What are they?

The roles of males and females are as such in the initial stages of a relationship: The woman’s job is to “screen” the man to see if he is indeed worthy of her, while the man has to prove himself and show that he is of high value in order to proceed further. Independence, authenticity and confidence are some traits which are desirable and will serve the man well here. However, to blast your game to the next level, you also need to know how women think and operate.

They aren’t stupid, dude. As soon as you’ve made it clear you’re interested, any high value woman will throw a shit test your way. Examples include:
– “I bet you say this to all the girls.”
– “How do I know you aren’t a ‘player’?”
– “Seriously, that’s the best you got?”
– “What makes you so different from the other guys out there?”

Boom! There goes your mind, exploding like fireworks, struggling to analyze and think of a comeback that will show that you’re “special“. After struggling for a while, she disengages you. “Why?” you think, “Everything was going well and then I just crashed after she starts throwing these bizarre hurdles at me.” This brings us to our next question. Why do women do this?

As mentioned earlier, females of the species are meant to “screen” potential suitors. Girls have an enormous abundance of men to choose from these days due to the proliferation of internet dating and social media. Shit tests are simply a tool for them to use to weed out the strong from the weak. Very often, men will portray themselves in a way so as to “score points” with the girl. However, this often involves putting on a mask to conceal your true self, compromising authenticity. Shit tests are designed to rip your facade off, tear it up and feed it to the wolves. The big question here is:

“Hey! Are you truly who you claim to be?”

You claim to be chill and laid-back, but react with anger when she calls you out for being a player. You portray yourself as ambitious, yet when she asks you for your direction in life, you come up with nothing. She’s exposed you as a fraud.

How to overcome Shit Tests

Since what she’s looking for is authenticity, all you have to do is be real. Embrace your personality for what it is, and not what she prefers. For example, if she calls you a nerd for adoring comic books and science fiction, simply share some fun things about it with her.

“Thanks! I love being a nerd. Maybe you should buy me a pocket calculator so I can do your taxes?”
“Shhh… I’m secretly a Jedi, don’t make me use my lightsaber to cut your head off.” (Imitates lightsaber slashing action)
“Being a nerd is so fun though! I invented a time machine two weeks ago. I’m going to go back in time and prevent you from ever bring born.” (Devilish grin)

The similarity among these replies is that none of them take her seriously. It shows that you are laid back and love yourself as you are, nerd or otherwise. Here are some common shit tests as well as how to respond to them.

Shit Test: “There’s this really cute guy in my Econs 101 class.” (Trying to make you jealous)
Response: “Do you have his number? Maybe you should give him a call?” (You couldn’t care less about “competition”)

ST: “I’m not sure how I feel about you.”
R: “I’m not sure how I feel about you either. You might be a vampire in disguise trying to seduce me so you can drink my blood.” (Flipped the script)

ST: “You’re a player!”
R: “It’s true that I like meeting girls. We do fun stuff and everyone has a great time. Sometimes it ends up in sex and that’s cool. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect you. I chose to hang out with you today because I like spending time with you.” (Honesty level 999)

ST: “How many girls have you said/sent that to?”
R: “You’re…. number 37!” (Humor)

ST: “Do you approach people like this very often?”
R: “Only the ones who look interesting.”

There you have it, friend. Your essential toolkit to smashing shit tests. Remember, always stay true to yourself and things will be just fine. Cheers!


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