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Are You Sick And Tired Of Getting Rejected By Women That You Fancy…And Wishing You Knew The Right Things To Say To Get Them Head Over Heels For You?


Get Your Hands On The Secret Behind The Art Of Persuasion And Charisma That No Pick Up “Guru” Out There Has Ever Taught Before. Don’t Believe Me? Well, Just Read On To The End And See If You’ll Say The Same Thing…


Personal Message From J. Machiavelli (J D Reuel)

Hey friend,

J Machiavelli here.

If you’re new here, welcome.

Well, in the past few months I’ve been working on something incredibly exciting here. Many guys have been messaging me asking me what’s going on.

Why did I stop promoting my content and articles?

Here’s the thing: I felt that there community was too saturated with phoney “gurus” flooding the community with their bs.

And so I wanted to go back underground

My original plan was to gather a small group of inner circle men dedicated to transforming their dating lives…and taking them to the next level.

It was originally meant to be a secret, closed-doors group only for my past students.

But I talked to a few close friends of mine and was convinced to get back into the game.

Though, rather than doing things the same as before…I wanted to switch things up and do something different…

Something that will shake up the pick up community and force many of the “gurus” to up their game and put their money where their mouths are.

I Will Release My Never-Before-Seen Persuasion Black Book Secrets That I’ve Developed Over The Last 7 Years That I’ve Applied To Meeting And Attracting Women…Consistently

I will arm you with the seduction blueprint I developed…

And set you loose on the streets of Singapore. The best part is no one will ever suspect that you’re doing anything. (You’ll know why in a bit)

Coaching you all the way from how to stop a girl with confidence to getting her to be more *ahem* intimate in the bedroom.

Of course, there are limits to what I can help you with…and depending on what your personal goals are…

I will guide you personally throughout your journey to become fine young gentlemen.

Let Me Tell You That This Will Be No Easy Feat

In the last 4 years coaching over a hundred Singaporean men, I realized one thing…

Attraction can be scripted.

Forget all the feelgood motivational stuff that other “gurus” put out there.

Sure, they’re great. But they do nothing to help you attract women.

I know because I used to be a rah-rah-motivational-video junkie.

I would spend hours every day watching video after video to hype myself up. But when I actually went out to the streets to meet women…

All I “learned” would be thrown out the window and forgotten.

I Knew I Needed Something More Concrete…A More Structured But Extremely Fluid Framework For Interactions

Everyone in the community talks about “natural game” or “just being yourself”. But just think about it for a second…

Even the best public speakers memorize written scripts.

Even the best salesmen follow a structured sales process.

And even the best musicians rehearse for months before performing.

Yet they can adapt to the circumstances and still come across as genuine and natural in the moment. So there’s no reason why human interactions should be left to chance.

Sure, you can “be yourself” and talk to the girl for hours without even being a little bit closer to getting her to like you. That’s not what I’m aiming to do.

What I believe is that if you believe you are the best person for her, then it is perfectly ethical to show her that and get her to like you. You are merely moving the attraction process along.

In no way am I advocating you make people do what they don’t want to in the first place.

(Come on, girls aren’t that stupid)

With The Knowledge Of The 7 Core Psychological Needs, You Will Unlock The Secret To Getting People To Do What You Want Them To Do…

I ventured deep into the core human desires to figure out what makes them tick.

No matter who you are, whether you are a man or a woman…

These keys will unlock the hidden desires in them and make them crave you…under the right circumstance.

Here’s why.

Imagine you’re lost in the middle of a desert with a group of people and everyone has run out of precious water…

Except you. And in that situation, you are the one who commands power.

Not the most beautiful person. Or the richest person.

It’s the person who has control over exactly what everyone else needs in that situation. In terms of social dynamics, that means creating the “thirst” and then quenching it.

This resulted in many sleepless nights trying to uncover the very thing that people just cannot get enough of.

The one thing that they will give their lives to obtain, and once they have it they want more of.

And I found that it’s not money. Or status.

Or even good looks.

Deep down, every human being craves these 7 things. And once you know how to identify and wield these 7 deep needs effectively, you will practically have them wrapped around your finger at your command.

Even if they don’t want to admit it.

In fact, they won’t admit it—not to you, not to themselves. But that’s the thing, the more they think they are invulnerable to these psychological keys…the more effective they become.

There’s no denying it. All you have to do is watch what they do and not what they say.

The 7 Psychological Keys Of Persuasion

I’m sure you’re wondering what they are. Here they are.

1. The Need To Be Needed

2. The Need For Hope

3. The Need For A Common Enemy

4. The Need To Be Heard

5. The Need To Be Special

6. The Need To Be Right

7. The Need To Be In Control

You might be thinking, “That’s common sense…”

But see, the critical thing is not knowing what they are but exactly how and when to use them.

Use the wrong key on the wrong person at the wrong time, and it will all blow up in your face.

And that’s why I’m here to show you which key to pull out in different situations to achieve your desired outcome.

How Am I Able To Do This? Well, By Sheer Number Of Actual, Real-Life Testing…

Since I stepped foot into the pick up community, I have approached over 2,000 women and encountered every kind of reaction that you can think of.

But more importantly, I religiously jotted down and analyzed these encounters and picked at my own mistakes until I mastered the art.

And it was no easy feat. If you could see my private “black book” of pick-up breakdowns, you’d be shocked by just how detailed I took apart every interaction.

(Unfortunately, that book will never see the light of day.)

But from that I distilled the key important practical lessons that I will share with you. And that’s the 7 Psychological Keys Of Persuasion.

No joke. You’ll know how powerful they are when you see them.

I will only be sharing them with exactly 20 people that I invite into my inner circle program: “The Social Gym”.

Here’s Just A Bit Of What You Can Expect When You Join The Social Gym

Now, if you make the cut, then you better be excited because these are the most powerful seduction secrets that I’ve never shared with anyone before.

And I’m not planning to go mainstream with this simply because, like I said, I want to go back underground. I taught the whole feelgood, motivational rah-rah type of game (and it was good), but not as effective as I had hoped.

If you want real results, then this is it.

So if you qualify for The Social Gym, then here’s a bit of what you can expect to learn.

Hack Into Her Mind By Applying These 7 Psychological Keys Without Being Creepy Or Weird.

The reason why I’m limiting the number of people who I will teach this to is because, placed into the wrong hands, things can get messy. Like really messy. It takes a very specific characteristic to be able to understand how to apply these psychological keys ethically so that you don’t leave girls worse off than before you met them. I’m very serious about this and that’s why I will only teach this to people I am 100% sure will use it in the right way.

How To Stay Ten Steps Ahead Of The Girl And Anticipate Her “Rejection Sequence”.

Most people are psychologically programmed to say no. I will teach you how to bypass her “rejection radar” and obtain compliance without her knowing what’s going on. As the saying goes, you can’t reject what you can’t detect.

The Magic Words To Get You Out Of Awkward Situations And “Restart” The Conversation Naturally.

If you have ever dug your own conversational hole and don’t know how to get out. Don’t worry. By using these exact words, you essentially have a “get out of awkward situations” card and can restart the entire conversation from the start again. And the best part, she won’t even know what’s going on.

Discover The Truth About Creating The “Love Bubble” That Will Mesmerize Her.

There’s no better feeling than being in love. As social animals, we all crave it. The trouble is that people think it’s caused by a “spark” or “chemistry”. I show you exactly how to engineer that chemistry and make her fall in love with you in the first 2 minutes of meeting her.

Uncover The Truth About Becoming An Irresistible Man.

The secret about being irresistible to women is not about good looks or money. Trust me. I’ve met many good looking and rich guys who are serial pussy repellents. I show you exactly how to stand out from the hordes of horny men vying for her attention, and make her choose you out of the hundreds of guys lining up at her doorstep. (And no, it’s not about negging or ignoring her).

Find Out Exactly How To “Break” Even The Coldest Ice Queen And Get Her To Crack A Smile…Without Saying A Word.

Many guys think that the magic of attraction is in the words they say. But the truth is your non-verbals speak louder than anything else. I will share with you exactly how to say all the right things without making a single sound. (And again, it’s not about “body language” or “eye contact”).

Harness The Power Of A Centuries-Old Technique That Will Give You The “Upper Hand” When Talking To A Woman You Meet On The Streets Or In A Club.

This is one of the best techniques that I’ve learned and I’ve adapted it to the context of approaching women and attracting them. If you feel like trying to talk to a confident, beautiful woman feels like trying to outwit her in a game of chess, then knowing this technique will totally blow her out of the water and give you total control.

And A Whole Truckload Of Practical Techniques And Persuasion Tricks To Get Girls Falling For You Left, Right, Center.

Before You Get All Excited, I Want To Repeat Something Important…

These techniques are incredibly effective to the point that it took me a long time of deliberation as to whether I want to share it with others.

Because trust me, just one person with the wrong intentions and the entire thing can blow up.

I don’t want some weirdo trying to implement these techniques on women only to be destroyed to cinders…and then have him come back to me crying that it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because not everyone is able to wield these keys effectively. It’s like if I give you a sword and you accidentally cut yourself, whose fault is it?

Most guys I’ve met will never admit their inability. They will blame everything else but themselves…in order to protect their ego.

These are the type of guys that I will refuse to accept into The Social Gym.

If You Think You Can Make The Cut, Then Here’s What I Want You To Do

Now, when I say I want to keep the Social Gym Inner Circle small…

I mean really small.

And that means I am limiting the inner circle to the first 20 qualified people.

If you’re still reading this, it’s likely that you will be a great addition to The Social Gym.

But there’s still something we have to clarify before I invite you in:

There is a stringent selection process.

Which means I have to meet you in person and know a bit more about you before I can welcome you to The Social Gym.

So if you believe you have what it takes to be a part of the winner circle, simply click the button below and fill up your contact details.

And wait until I contact you. It will be via email and it might take days, weeks, or even months.

The reason why is simple, if you are eager to really improve yourself and take your dating life to the next level…

Then you will understand the importance of delayed gratification. That means having the patience and discipline to wait for the right opportunity to come before you strike.

If you are impatient, then I’m sorry, this is not for you. Plain and simple.

Other than that, the button is here. Click and submit your contact details right now.


Here’s What To Expect After You Submit Your Details

You have to be prepared. I will contact you via email and we will have a preliminary text exchange first.

I will ask you a few questions that I want you to answer honestly and candidly. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to answer.

After that, once I’ve read and concluded that you qualify for the second meeting, we will arrange a date to meet-up for a chat.

I want to see you in person and get a sense of who you are and whether you will be a good fit for The Social Gym.

Don’t worry. It’s a friendly chat. I’m a really nice guy in general, despite how it may seem in this letter.

If after the meet-up, I decide that you will make a good addition to the inner circle, I will contact you.

That’s it. No fuss. It’s pretty straightforward.

Right at this very moment is your

I’ve shared everything about The Social Gym with you.

And if you’ve gotten this far, I can say that you believe that The Social Gym is something that will change your life for the better.

The only question is, will you take the first step?

Or, will you let life and indecision get in the way.

If you still want to think about it, that’s understandable. But don’t take too long to consider.

I’m only inviting the first 20 qualified people. Once the inner circle is full, I won’t be taking anymore requests from anyone.

(Right now we’re down to 12 more slots. Better make your decision quick.)

So, if you feel that you are ready to make a serious change in your life, then let me know right now.

Send me your contact details and I will contact you personally to set up a date and time to meet you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

J. Machiavelli (J D Reuel)
The Social Gym